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Workers Comp · Unemployment · Disability · Employees Theft · Mismanagement · Undercover

You deserve to know what your employees are doing behind your back. We can help you get the evidence that you need to help prove what you cannot see. We use the state of the art equipment and techniques to get you the evidence that will help you win your case.


Pre-Employment · Post Employment · Business · Associates

Know who you are associating with through background investigations. Each of our background investigations are individually customized to our clients’ needs and requests. There are numerous and wide-ranging types of information that can be collected on an individual from a background check.

Expert Polygraph

Pre-Employment · Employee Theft · Accidents

We offer polygraph examinations for a variety of cases. We have plenty of experience and knowledge to get you the answers that you deserve. This type of examination results are used as evidence in many different cases. They are instrumental in interrogations and repeatedly have lead individuals to confessions.

Process Service

Same-Day Services · Rush Service · Statewide · Nationwide · International


Are you tired of the court taking too long to handle your process services? Need to have someone served tonight? We will handle your process service as quickly and accurately as possible. We offer delivery and pick up and multiple attempts of services. We can also same day or rush your service!

Skip Tracing

Asset Recovery · Guaranteed Locate  


When you need to find someone -anywhere, anytime- we offer confidential services that specialize in finding persons that you feel are near impossible to locate. A hot trail and a swift investigation can help make a difference. Give us a call!


Door Knocks


Is someone that you need to get in contact with is dodging your communication? Legacy can perform a Door Knock Service. A Door Knock Service is when we will attempt maximum of three times to speak with the customer.  Utilizing door knocks is a cost effective way for lenders to communicate with debtors, when phone call, emails and mail are not working.




Mismanagement · Embezzlement · Abuse · Due Diligence · Locate Heirs

Even some of the most successful attorneys can miss the interpretation to a will.  We know that this can be a costly mistake. We are able to provide you with a Due Diligence Report that denotes all the efforts to locate and contact the heirs have been made. We represent ourselves with the expertise that a judge would expect.