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Private Investigators help Attorneys win!

Private Investigators help Attorneys win!

Attorneys who work Domestic and Civil cases, specifically for Divorce and Child Custody often hire or recommend their clients hire a Private Investigator to help further their case. Private Investigators can make positive impacts in court rulings because they often produce results and facts that are very hard to obtain. If you are an Attorney looking to hire a PI for other needs, the benefits are lengthy! We have compiled some of the most common services offered below. Additional services that are provided by Private Investigators can also be viewed here:

Spotlight Asset Transfers:
Individuals often transfer assets to friends or family members to avoid taking a loss or being required to divide such assets with their spouse. This kind of slippery activity can be proven by a Private Investigator who has your best interest at heart. Attorneys often rely on Private Investigators to uncover this kind of activity to further their client’s case with valuable evidence.

Locate “Invisible” People:
Some people such as criminal associates, witnesses, and run-a-ways have reasons to disappear and sometimes do a great job of falling “off the grid.” Most of the time, this becomes a problem and huge headache when a case is resting on their testimony. Retaining the services of a Private Investigator to locate these types of individuals can free up Attorneys, enabling them to focus on other pressing issues.

Process Service: 
When Individuals are anticipating being served court documents stemming from a pending legal matter, they often hide in an attempt to prevent successful service upon them. Attorneys often rely on Private Investigators covert techniques to successfully deliver such legal documents to expedite the pending legal matter.

Detect Your Opponent’s Motives: 
Like playing chess, knowing your opponent’s motives or next move takes lots of thought, research, planning, and anticipating. By hiring a Private Investigator, you can be in a position to pull the rug out from under your opponent and gain the leverage needed to win your case! Knowing this information in advance enables Attorneys to take action and strategically plan their next move.

If you are planning on taking steps to initiate legal action against another person, hiring a Private Investigator to conduct surveillance can accelerate your case many steps ahead of your opponent! If you are trying to catch a cheating significant other, turn in a fraudulent insurance claimant, or obtain evidence of abandonment or endangerment, Legacy Private Investigations is here to help! We take pride in providing our clients with closure & peace of mind. Legacy Private Investigations is a full-service investigative firm located in Westerville, Ohio who serves the entire State of Ohio and has won cases for their clients in many areas including Dublin, Hilliard, Gahanna, Delaware, and Columbus, Ohio.


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