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The day I was sworn into office as a Law Enforcement Officer, I took an Oath to serve and protect the Community. This Oath is now part of me and I will honor it always as a state licensed private investigator.


Not long after I began investigating cases while serving the community, I quickly realized that our dedicated Officers were quite overwhelmed and not able to keep up with the demands of ongoing investigations. I witnessed firsthand stacks of unsolved cases sitting untouched because each shift, new immediate response calls and or new cases naturally took priority. I personally felt disheartened day after day knowing that each case, while they sat on the backburner had a victim, a family, who sought closure, while the criminals continued their dirty work.


I knew it was time to take my Oath, my promise to you, a huge step forward. I took my experience and passion to the next level, becoming a Licensed Private Investigator in the State of Ohio. As a Private Investigator, victims can rely on my education, experience, and perseverance to work their cases through completion while providing the closure and peace of mind all victims deserve.


Legacy Private Investigations, LLC is a full service Investigations Company providing: Surveillance, Domestic Investigations, Child Custody Disputes, Claims Investigation, Business Slippage, Social Media Investigations, Background Checks, and Records Retrieval; among many more services. Please call us today to schedule a free consultation.