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Signs of a Cheating Partner

Signs of a Cheating Partner

Having suspicion that your partner, spouse, or significant other is being unfaithful is a sign that they may possibly be cheating or considering engaging in a new relationship. Hiring a private investigator can help to bring closure and peace of mind to you and/or your family. Often our suspicions are there for a reason. If you have considered the following questions then it’s time to get some answers.

Have you seen changes in intimacy?
A decrease or even an increase in consistent habits of intimacy, affection and/or sexual preferences may indicate that your partner is cheating or entertaining the thought of or engaging in infidelity. These changes may be subtle or drastic in nature. If you feel that there is a change in your normal intimacy or demands for intimacy that are outside of your comfort zone this could be an indicator.

Does our significant other tend to protect their phone?
Changes in the use of cell phones and social media security features are key indicators that your partner may be cheating or engaging in risky behavior on their phones. The majority of affairs begin through mediated communication on devices where they believe they can control access. If your spouse has sudden suspicions in regard to your online activity and cellular device usage this could also be an indicator of their paranoia that is rooted in their risky behavior.

Is your significant other worried about or changing their/your appearance and/or grooming habits?
Often the new relationship that they are engaging in will come with new preferences of style, grooming (intimate areas, wardrobe choices, and hair styles). Pay attention to their shopping habits, specific brands that are newly on their radar, demands that they may be making for you to change your appearance to please their new preferences, comparing you to others (ex. “I wish you would be more like…”) and other outside of the norm shifts or demands.

Have you noticed a difference in internet activity?
If your partner becomes protective or begins to delete internet browsing history, creates a new sign in to your family computer that they only have access to, buys a new device and keeps it locked down, or any other protective behavior with regards to communication habits that vary from previous habits they may be hiding a new relationship.

Is your partner all of a sudden working late or have they shifted working hours?
This is an area that may be difficult to determine. Often with promotions or shifting work schedules will change. Working late, going to conferences, and conducting networking are parts of many professions. The key to watch for in this situation is the consistency of the excuses and the behavior your partner displays upon returning home. Are they happy to be home or do they seem like their mind is always on work? Do they prefer work over home and have they voiced that to you? It’s more about the consistency of the habits and their attitude when they are present at home.

Do you want closure and peace of mind?If you are encountering some or all of these questions your next step should be to pursue answers by hiring Legacy Private Investigations to provide you with the closure and peace of mind that you deserve. We have licensed investigators who serve the State of Ohio with a high success rate. They have provided the closure and peace of mind they promise in the metro area of Columbus, Cleveland, Dayton and Cincinnati. They have solved and provided evidence which impacted final rulings for cases in the suburban areas of Dublin, Delaware, Westerville, Hilliard, Reynoldsburg, and Pickerington. Their services extend into rural areas such as Lancaster, Granville, Marion, Mount Vernon, and Springfield.


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